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best vegan restaurant in Cabo
Restaurant Farm to Table in Pescadero
Roasted octopus

Potato/ paprikra/ olive/ pico de gallo.

Tiradito raw of the day

Nikkei sauce/ passion fruit/ sriracha/ onion.

Argentinean Empanada

Knife cut meat/ onion/ bell bell pepper.

Heirloom tomato slices

Heirloom tomatoes/ olives/ capers/ burrata/ olive oil.

Garden Taco

Dry age sashimi/ chard/ radish/ apple.

Restaurant Farm to Table in Pescadero
Sea and land

Pork belly/ ostiones/ dashi/ shitakes.

Siempre Viva

Mixed vegetables/ pasta/ meat or vegetable base.

Roasted beets

Beets/ sour cream/ croutons/ pecorino.

Restaurant Farm to Table in Pescadero
La Tana

Ham/ arúgula/ tomate/ mozzarella/ portobellos.

Veggie (white or tomate)

Setas/ alcachofas/ alcaparras/ mozzarella/ Parmesan.


Pescado ahumado/ tomates/ alcaparras/ cebolla/ mozzarella.


Mozzarella/ tomates/ albahaca.

Restaurant Farm to Table in Pescadero
Our mixed

Green leaves/ cucumbers/ tomato/ onion.


Kale/ mustard/ garlic/ goat cheese/ walnuts.

From the world

Arugula/ Prosciutto/ Parmesan.

Restaurant Farm to Table in Pescadero
Premium Grill

Squash/ eggplant/ onions/ broccolini/ carrots/ tomatoes.

Roasted sweet potato

Sweet potato/ butter/ sage/ Garam masala.

Basic Grill

Chili /onion/ tomato/ bell bell pepper.

Potato dominoes

Potatoes/ rosemary/ butter/ turmeric/ garlic.


Eggplant/ tomato/ squash/ onion.

Roasted eggplant

Eggplant/ Tahine sauce (sesame paste)/ mint/ walnuts.

Restaurant Farm to Table in Pescadero
New York

Canadian Grass feed/ potatoes/ rosemary/ garlic/ chimichurri.


Picaña prime/ asparagus/ cambray onion/ artichokes/ pepper sauce.

Chamorro smoked

Red beer/ green beans/ sauerkraft/ sweet potato/ gremolata.

Wood-fired chicken

Free ranch chicken/ spinach/ scallions/ poro/ gravy.

Fish and seafood

Grilled shrimp

Deep sea shrimp/ parsley/ white wine/ lemon/ fresh salad.

Catch of the day

Fresh local fish/ apples/ mushrooms/ garlic/ lemon tea/ fish stock.

Wild salmon

Alaskan salmon/ spinach/ orange/ thyme/ sage/ lemon.


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Piglet to the coffin

Grilled vegetables/ chimichurri.

Kid in coffin

Kid/ gremolata/ potatoes/ sweet potatoes.

Grilled lamb

Lamb/ chimichurri with mint/ carrots/ balsamic/ brandy.


Fruit tarts (see seasonal fruit)

Strawberry/ papaya/ mango, lemon curd/ sablée dough.


Peaches/ crumble/ ice cream.

Strawberries from the orchard

Strawberries/ cream fraiche.

Organic fruit snowdrops

Seasonal fruits/ nuts/ caramel.

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