SIEMPRE VIVA started in 2015 as a complete self/sustained organic farm in Pescadero, a lovely Farming community along the Pacific coast close to Todos Santos, a famous tourist spot inn the Baja. We grow a wide variety of pesticide free produce which we sell to a select group of restaurants and boutique hotels. The micro climate and the quality of the soil is truly amazing in PESCADERO resulting in intense flavor nuances in our produce.

In 2021 we decided to build our own restaurant inside the farm in order to create a true farm to table experience. Siempre Viva is unique in that regard and really is the only real farm to table restaurant in all of the southern tip of Baja. The heart of our kitchen is a big wood fired hearth that allows our chef from Argentina to control the heat beautifully to cook our variety of proteins and delicate vegetables to perfection. Our plates are hearty, healthy and delicious. The taste nuances are a playful combination of a variety of cuisines that give our recipes a distinct character.

We raise our lamb , chicken and goats in a responsible and sustainable manner on our ranch near by. All seafood is sourced fresh from the fishermen community near us. All vegetables are grown on our farm and prepared fresh and nutrient rich. Siempre Viva is set up to allow the perfect accommodation of groups of all sizes. Weddings , Corporate Incentive travel gatherings, private parties for special occasion, all can be served on spacious property.

I was born in the city of Capitan Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. I started cooking when I was 9 years old with my maternal grandmother who was the one who instilled in me the love for cooking. I have been cooking professionally since 2002, with experience both in hotels and restaurants, as well as in fine dining banquet services. The sum of experiences formed me with the knowledge of diverse cooking techniques. Specializing in cooking with fires, smoked and roasts. As well as ferments and Charcuterie. My cuisine is characterized by being creative, taking care of the product, the seasoning and the correct cooking techniques according to each product.

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